Unlimited Training Material

This option will give you unlimited access to our member section. This product includes:

  • Basic SQL Server 2012 tutorial videos
  • Basic SQL Server 2008 tutorial videos
  • Advanced SQL Server 2012 tutorial videos
  • Transact SQL (TSQL) Scripts
  • Other important documents and PowerPoint presentations

As our trainers come up with new database training material on sql server, you will be the first one to access this unreleased content. This is an excellent way to learn sql server 2012 online.

This product currently includes the following video lessons:

  1. Installation of SQL Server 2012
  2. SQL Server 2012 Configuration Manager
  3. Creating database objects in SQL Server 2012
  4. TSQL commands like SEQUENCE and CONCAT in MS SQL 2012
  5. SQL Server 2012 Database Relationships
  6. What is SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS)?
  7. Introduction to Transact SQL (TSQL)
  8. Using Inner and Outer Joins in SQL Server 2012
  9. Implementing Security in SQL Server
  10. New Features like Contained Database, FileTable ..


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